How to Download & Install Redbox TV Pro on Firestick TV?

RedBox has it all, all the movies, sports and shows that you would like in the world. If you are a Redbox user and a Firestick or TV user, you must be overjoyed to know that you can now install Redbox tv Pro on Firestick.

Before we start, allow me to momentarily give you some basics about RedBox TV.  It is a magnificent live TV streaming app that lets you stream your favorite and popular live channels. It gives you an exclusive opportunity to browse the best channels all over the world with no any registration process.

Downloading and installing Redbox tv Pro on firestick TV doesn’t require any tricky steps as many of the people would think. You just suppose to follow the simple steps keenly.

If you want to increase the browsing experience and maximize the entertainment, then follow the below steps to get RedBox TV on your Firestick or TV today.

Download and Installation Process of Redbox TV Pro on Firestick

Step 1

Turn on your Amazon Firestick. Ensure you turn it on with a remote control and also make sure that you have enabled the unknown sources option. This will ensure that third-party apps are allowed to install on your device.

Step 2

Open the Home screen on your Firestick TV.

Step 3

Go to the settings by the use of a remote control

Step 4

From the available submenu, select Devices

Step 5

After this, click on the Developers Option.

Step 6

Now you have to find and enable the ‘’Enable apps from Unknown sources option’’. After you will get a popup message, click okay and move to the next step. Now you have enabled the option of allowing apps from unknown sources to make changes.

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Step 7

Now, before we continue, ensure you have a Downloader app on your device. If you don’t, I am going to guide you on this.

It is a long process but you need to remain persistent to ensure that you don’t go wrong on any step. Come back to the Home screen of your Firestick TV and find search option and expand it by simply clicking on it.

Step 8

Type Downloader and launch the search task. If you want to use the voice search functionality, you can press and hold the Voice Button from your Firestick Remote.

Step 9

Lists will pop-up and you have to find and click on the official Downloader App. After this, click on the download option and the downloading process will have launched. You need to give it some minutes for the process to finalize.

Step 10

Now you are ready to open the downloader app and go to the settings. The settings menu is located in the left menu bar. After this, enable Javascript option. You need to click on ‘’Yes’’ to avoid Javascript warnings.

Step 11

Now visit the Browser menu and key in http://redboxtv.net/ in the URL Box. After this, click on the go icon and the Redbox official site will open.

After this, click on the ‘’download for android’’ option.

This will facilitate the download of the official Redbox TV APK file. After you click on the download icon, the process will start automatically. Give it some time to complete. The app is not going to occupy more than 30 MBs.

Step 12

After the device is done downloading the app, you should now click on the installation process. The app will be installed. After this, you should click on the ‘’Done’’ option.

Now you have the opportunity to see several options like, ‘’install, Delete and Done’;’. You have to click on the delete option to be left with only the application. You should click on the ‘’delete’’ option to confirm the process.

Step 13

From the button control, now press the home button. You will find the Redbox app installed when you click on the Apps Menu. You are required to click on it to open it and get started.


I hope that this document has been helpful in the installation process. If you are getting an error or if you are having any trouble with the installation, you should inquire from relevant authorities. However, Redbox tv Pro on firestick has had a high level of functionality and simple installation processes.


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