Ray Frost DnD 5e

Ray Frost is about a beam of action or ray of frost that is filled with light which streaks on the cold damage and the speed is reduces with 10 feet since the time we start for the next run. You can download DnD 5e character sheet pdf here.

The damage of this spell can also be increased by reaching the 5th, 11th or 17th level of the range. The time taken to cast is taken by the follower with a range of 60 feet instantaneously. This beam of action is fire which is created by ice creatures and can be seen. The game is about this spell attack and attacking the enemies with it during the war.

Ray of Frost 5e

What is Ray Frost

The Ray of Frost is spell that is created to cause cold damage and attack the enemies at war. However, the speed gets reduces at 10 feet from the starting level of the next run.

It is an interesting game owing to the adventures and ray of frost that is used for fighting the enemies. It mainly targets the damage and this ray is strongly designed with solid quantities that has a different speel on nature. The game also has a lot of magical effects that included dungeons and dragons with many different abilities and limitations in a creative way.

Main Features of Ray Frost

Ray Frost is an interesting game that has powerful frost ray which can create cold damages to the enemies. It has also created a magical and fantasy ambience to make it attractive for all players. The game is about attacks and winning over that keeps you glued to it. The main features of Ray Frost are desribed below:

  • The solid ray is the main attractive feature of the game and the magical environment that has been create to motive the players against all odds.
  • It is combined with great abilities to overcome the challenges and various options are provided to break tradition way of playing and pay attention to other players who are in both good and bad form.
  • The creature range is supposed to strike the white blue streaks which is based upon the targets and the speed is also increased towards the target. The next run cold damage will be targeted on the basis of speed and the enemies who are attacked during the war.
  • This strong ray of frost attacks its coolest spells and also checks on the attributes in order to cast spell till the very end.


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