Is Google Play Protect Keeping your Android Phone secure

Google Play Protect ranked last in latest anti-malware test

Google has come up with its own security cover for the Android ecosystem knows as Google Play Protect. It scans the app on Google Play store before you download them to your precious smartphone as to make sure it doesn’t cause any harm. While downloading an app, there is badge stating it’s verified by Google Play Protect.

To start the scanning or see Play Protect status you have to go to My Apps & Games menu, which comes up by sliding left or clicking the hamburger menu. The refresh icon beside the Play Protect badge on the top initiates a scan. Anyways, manual scanning won’t be necessary because Google regularly scans. The hamburger menu also has Play Protect menu, which gives you access to setting and some stats.
These can be changed from phone settings under the Security tab in Google settings. Here you can disable the play protect itself or enable it to scan third-party installation (which you should do immediately). It also shows current status and recent scanned apps along with some info about play protect. The play protest also integrates Find my device which was previously known as Android Device Manager. You can use it to remotely locate, ring or even erase the phone.

But, that’s old news, you are here to know how it is fairing in the real world. And it’s not doing good. Independent security software agency had pitted against major apps. The results were disappointing, with play protect only able to stop 65.8 of the news malware attacks and 79.2 percent in stopping four-week-old malware. More than 20 products were tested with majority ending up in stopping 99 percent malware. Play Protect was a rolled out along with Android O to all devices running Google play service.Click below to know more about Android O.

Android Oreo offers new features and better security

AV-TEST Results

This is the first major test of Google Play Protect and it stood last. Even the last position holder fared much better. Droid-X3, native Korean app made by NHSC did much better Play Protect. It was able to stop 82.4 and 93.5 of the malware attacks from new and old category respectfully.
It allowed 60 percent of the malware then the last product it the list, scoring 0 out 6 in malware protection. It is not a good start for a service from Google, a company which owns android. There is lots room for improvement and we hope Google is already on it. Until then you are good any other paid and free antivirus software.
Till then, we recommend using Avast, Bitdefender and Nortan.
Full results and testing methodology can b found at


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