Internet Changed The Way We Learn

High speed Internet access has completely altered practically every aspect of life. We can now make new friends, shop for bargains, and even do business all without leaving our desks. We also learn a lot differently thanks to the all-encompassing presence of the Internet. Today, being well-equipped for learning doesn’t necessarily mean being able to remember a lot of facts. Thanks to the Internet, the best students are often those who know how to find the information they need. Even though there is certainly plenty of misinformation swimming in the vast seas of the Internet, there is also plenty of accurate information. Being able to effectively sort through the garbage information to find the real jewels is another thing that distinguishes the modern honor student from the unfortunate souls at the bottom of the class.

Google and Wikipedia, the two information-gathering Godzillas of our time, have made it easy and practical to locate reliable information without having to tear apart your city. Thanks to these info-mammoths, the early phases of research on practically any given topic tend to fly by with very little effort invested. Even when it comes to more in-depth research on a topic, high speed Internet has made it a simple thing to track down the authors of this valuable information in order to contact them for further interrogation.

Thanks to the Internet, experts on practically any topic imaginable can be contacted and grilled without the need for extensive long-distance traveling or time-consuming snail mail communications. No matter how niche your topic of interest may be, there is most likely a qualified expert who has dedicated his life to the topic just one Google search and one email message away. The Internet brings the experts to wherever you are, and that is an important contribution to the world of modern learning.

The Internet has done marvels to increase the accessibility of just about any learning tool imaginable, from copyright-free research materials to open source educational software. It has become a one-stop shop for mining through millions of photos, pieces of artwork, videos, and other crucial research enhancers to find just the one that you need for your research. You can find practically any supplement you desire on any topic under the sun with nothing more than a laptop and high speed Internet access. And if the exact piece you need to complete your research puzzle is simply nowhere to be found, open source software, available for free via the Internet, can allow you to create your own. This free open source software that the Internet is teeming with offers students enhanced creative abilities, better collaboration, and instant communication, all of which can do wonders to enhance learning. Free software can teach you new skills, give you access to professional assistance for your projects, and help you perform thousands of important educational minutiae that used to be impossible or at least very complicated.

The Internet and the research materials and free software it provides has made the modern learning experience an odyssey that is now specifically customized to the precise needs of each student. The dynamics of the Internet allow each student to learn via the style and method that most appeals to him and through which he can most easily grasp the information. Not only does the Internet allow students to study from anywhere – their classroom, their bed, or their corner coffee shop – but it has also made the entire studying process more of a thrilling adventure than a tiresome chore. Because students can now learn using the method that most appeals to them, the modern learning process has become infinitely less boring and infinitely more interactive.

On the down side, however, unbridled access to the Internet may have cheapened the learning process and even encouraged lethargy in its contemporary partakers. Because of the lack of structure that most modern, Internet-based learning now incorporates, much more self-motivation is needed to go beyond just browsing through information and instead actually absorb it in order to learn and advance. The laws of economics state that whenever there is an excess of a certain thing, the value of that thing inevitably goes down. Thanks to the Internet, this can definitely be said about information in our modern world.


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