Wheelchair with Army Technology

A chair with wheels is called a wheelchair, designed to be a replacement for walking on foot for disables. The machine comes in deviations where it is forced by motors or by the seated dweller revolving the rear wheels by hand. Often there are handles behind the seat for someone else to push it forward. Wheelchairs are used by people …


Fixing Your Laptop over-heating Problem

Over the years, laptops have undergone so much upgrade and advancement, processor got multiplied, and hardware compacted into slim casing, improvement in graphics card resulting into higher resolutions, RAM multiplied and lots more that will exhaust my notepad.

Despite these changes, overheating is a laptop problem that has been difficult to deal with. It seems laptop makers have not been …


Internet Changed The Way We Learn

High speed Internet access has completely altered practically every aspect of life. We can now make new friends, shop for bargains, and even do business all without leaving our desks. We also learn a lot differently thanks to the all-encompassing presence of the Internet. Today, being well-equipped for learning doesn’t necessarily mean being able to remember a lot of facts. …