AOS TV APK App For Android | Download Latest AOS TV App For Android/iOS/PC(Windows10/8.1/8/7 & Mac)

AOS TV APK: If you are a true TV shows enthusiast, then all you really need is AOS TV! AOS TV is an app that lets you watch and download lovely TV shows in HD quality that too without spending a single buck.

Just Install to AOS TV in your android devices is all you need to celebrate your love for TV shows. You will always have the very privilege to either watch the shows your download them as per your fondness. You can download the latest AOS TV 1.2.7 apk for android from the links given below.

Now, one would think why to have AOS TV in your phones when you already have a big TV in your houses? Problem is that sometimes we tend to miss your beloved shows due to some important and urgent works or unforeseen circumstances. AOS TV proves to be a real boon for those who unfortunately missed their favorite episodes or shows or series of the shows.

Download AOS TV APK Latest Version

AOS TV has the commendable range of videos from comedy to anime, from news to romance; every desired category is listed there. And the best part is that these videos are in a quality that is good enough to mesmerize you! No matter where you are, it will let you watch your dear videos from any corner on this earth. Even the most isolated places where sun is not able to spread its bliss, AOS TV can provide videos there and spread happiness.

Not just these, you can also watch these videos in any language of your choice that too along with the subtitles. And these subtitles in turn are available in all sorts of languages. One thing you need to note is that this app is not the host of the videos. What it does is that it assembles all the links for a particular video that too from various hosting sites and keeps them at one single location. This is to ensure backup of sufficient alternatives if in case the selected link fails to perform the desired function. Megabox HD is also a cool movie streaming app to watch  latech movies for free. Download Megabox HD Apk and have fun on your Android devices.

What it does is that it assembles all the links for a particular video that too from various hosting sites and keeps them at one single location. This is to ensure backup of sufficient alternatives if in case the selected link fails to perform the desired function.

Fascinating Features Of AOS TV App:

AOS TV app is a magnificent application with an incredible range of features engulfed inside it. Let us have a sneak peek into the brilliant features of AOS TV app:

  • Enumerable TV shows from all the countries and you can watch in different languages.
  • Videos orchestrated in the order of their latest updates
  • All the videos and content is an excellent quality
  • You have all means to watch the videos in different resolutions
  • Facility to bookmark your favorite shows so that time for searching gets saved
  • Availability of amazing and apt subtitles in all desired languages. Although you have full freedom to opt viewing without subtitles as well. You can play or download videos with subtitles which is a great feature of AOS App.
  • If you are facing the problem of irritating and slow internet connection, then you need not worry, you can simply download your favorite video with a simple click and watch it later.
  • Various sources for a single video. So if a single link fails, you need not worry because you already have a massive backup right there ready to drop ship happiness to you
  • Wide array of genres available. You can select the one that you love
  • By clicking on a particular movie or show you will get all the series and episodes that belong to that particular movie or show on which you clicked
  • Sometimes user customizing options like play with a particular player also appears.

Requirements To Download AOS TV Apk App On Android Mobiles/Tablets:

  • Android 4.0.1 or upper version
  • MXPlayer (Currently the most powerful video player on Android), Your Android Mobile should have installed MXPlayer video player app to use AOSTV App on your device.

Steps For Downloading And Installing AOS TV App On Android Using AOS TV Apk:

  1. Open your android device. Navigate to settings and scroll down until you spot the unknown sources option and then turn on this unknown sources option.
  2. Meanwhile download the AOS TV apkin your devices. You can easily find it over the web or you can download it from here (AOS TV.apk 1.1.5 Version).
  3. Tap on the .apk file to open this AOSTV app
  4. Then after that tap on next and then tap on install to commence with the installation process. Don’t worry you don’t have to wait for long. This process will take a minute or so. Or even less than that but not more than that for sure.


  1. Now simply go to your home screen. Navigate to the menu. Tap on the icon of AOStv app in order to launch it.

There you go! Now you have this wonderful application installed in your devices. Wasn’t the process easy? Well wait to see the miracles this app has inside it. They are even more enthralling and captivating!

Is AOS TV App The Showbox Killer??

yeah many users have this question in their mind because AOSTV is providing providing all the best TV series with subtitles with HD 1080P quality. And recently the AOS TV App developer announced that, in the next AOS TV Updated Version App they are going to provide the latest movies so, AOS going to give some tough competition to showbox and other movie streaming apps and yes AOSTV App is best alternative to showbox.

You can watch the below video to know more about the AOSTV App.

Update : Terraium TV New Updated Version:

AOSTV developer has announced that, he is going to release the new update of AOSTV which is AOS TV 1.2.0 Apk For Android. The new update will provide you the latest movies like showbox app doing. Yup, AOSTV updated version is going to rock. You can download the AOSTV 1.2.0.apk for your android mobiles to watch latest movies for free.

Update: 04/07/2016: AOS TV is going to release the latest updated version 1.2.0 in few hours.

Hurray!!, AOS TV App is just launched it’s new updated version AOS TV 1.2.0 apk so, now you can watch latest movies on AOSTV itself. Download AOStv latest app from here.

  • If you already installed the AOSTV 1.1.5 version then just open the app, it will ask you to update the app to 1.2.0.
  • After installation of the app go to “movies” section to watch latest movies on your android mobile/tablet.

Common Issues/Errors When Installing/Using AOS TV On Android:

  • “No Data” and black screen? That means no source is available 🙁
  • Subtitles not sync? There are many versions of subtitles (e.g WEB-DL, HDTV, BlueRay). Sources of AOS are mostly WEB-DL version. You can try WEB-DL version first. If still not sync, try other versions 🙂

Update: AOS TV is now updated to AOS TV 1.2.1 to fix some bugs occurring when watching movies.  Now the app also providing Pelispedia movie links now on latest updated AOS TV 1.2.1 apk version.

Note: All the AOS TV users please note that, the latest AOS TV version update will reset ALL Bookmarks.

Update: Recently the app developers released two quick updates to fix some issues occurring when watching movies on the app.  New version AOS TV 1.2.3 updated the movie provider issue so, the app will work properly to give good sources to watch movies without getting any errors while watching. Enjoy latest AOS TV 1.2.3 version.

Update: another update is released by AOS TV developers which is AOS TV 1.2.4 apk.

Some users getting this error “Parse error: There was a problem while parsing the package” like shown in the below image.

Those guys, who got error message like above should download AOS TV 1.2.4 apk version file for android from this link and install.

Update: Download the latest updated version of AOS TV, which is AOS TV 1.2.5 apk version for Android from this link.

Update: New updated version of AOS TV app is available now. You can download AOS TV 1.2.6 apk version from this  link.

Update: waiting for the next update which will be AOS TV 1.2.11 Apk. We will provide the link here after the update is released. Keep visiting. Now you can download the latest AOS TV 1.2.11 apk from this link.

Update: AOS TV 1.4.0 has been released today. Now you can now use the “Play” button on your remote control to start searching movies. You can download the latest version of AOS TV 1.4.0 from this link.

So this was all about AOSTV apk and downloading and installing AOS TV apk. Follow the above steps and get the hold of your favorite TV shows right there in the palm of your hands. One more cool thing is you can also use AOSTV Apk App on your PC(Windows/Mac) Computers, read this article to know how to download AOSTV For PC.


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